About Walsh.

Our team of solicitors and in-house Counsel have a wealth of experience to help you in all aspects of legal services. We specialise in Civil & Commercial Law, Crime, Education, Family, Wills and Probate. Walsh Solicitors prides itself with its diverse highly skilled professionals.

Managing Partners

Bash Amin

Senior Partner

E: bash@walshsolicitors.com

Terence Walsh

Senior Partner

E: Terence.Walsh@walshsolicitors.com

Solicitors / Barristers

Charles Edwards

E: cke@walshsolicitors.com

Lucy Crossman

E: lucy.glennon@walshsolicitors.com

Andrew Fisher-Smith

E: afs@walshsolicitors.com

Salina Akhtar

E: salina.akhtar@walshsolicitors.com

Deanne McGinty

E: deanne.mcginty@walshsolicitors.com

Trevor Feehily

E: trevor.feehily@walshsolicitors.com

Shirley Kelly

E: haslingden@walshsolicitors.com

Fee Earners

Derek Buxton

E: derek.buxton@walshsolicitors.com

Celia O’Keefe

E: celia.okeefe@walshsolicitors.com

Senior Support Team

Ashleigh Harper

E: ashleigh.harper@walshsolicitors.com

Georgia Dunn

E: haslingden@walshsolicitors.com