Proceeds of Crime Act

Proceeds of Crime Act

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Proceeds of Crime Act Solicitors

The Proceeds of Crime Act 2002 (POCA) enables the authorities to seek possession and retention of assets and property believed to be obtained through criminal activity within the last 6 years.

POCA proceedings have become a tool used by the authorities to further punish individuals who they believe are gaining from criminal activity.

Proceedings are usually commenced following a successful conviction for a substantive offence that has led to the convicted individual receiving some financial gain.

POCA Solicitors

Once POCA proceedings are instigated it is for the accused to prove the assets or property was obtained from legitimate sources. We have specialist accountants and dedicated solicitors trained in POCA and financial accounting to help achieve this and ensure you keep the assets you are entitled to.

Our POCA team take a proactive approach to piece together complex financial affairs in order to demonstrate assets should not be seized.

Should the court make an order for repayment against you and you are unable to repay or unwilling to repay the amount it could lead to a substantial custodial sentence. It is therefore essential to contact our POCA team early to keep any assets or property seized to a minimum.

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