There are many practical reasons why you need to make a will. It can be as you wish to save on Inheritance Tax, set out your funeral arrangement, leave a bequest to an individual or simply stop any disagreements between your family members.

Making a Will

At Walsh Solicitors we have many years of experience in drafting a Will to cover your circumstances.

We listen to your wishes and concerns and guide you through the process. We understand that you will have concerns for your family and by using our expert team of dedicated Wills and Probate solicitors you can be assured your assets go to who you want.

Our team will also advise you through Estate Planning and Trust Planning. By acting early you may be able to make the provisions you want for your children and could potentially limit their Inheritance Tax liability. You can also appoint someone who can oversee your estate or trust to ensure that your intention is respected.

Things to Consider

Who do you want to carry out your wishes also known as your executors?

Who shall be left what in your estate?

Will any money be left to charities?

Do you wish to set up a trust for younger family members?

Who will have your jewellery?

Steps to Consider

What your funeral wishes are.

Who do you wish to be your executors? These can be friends, family or professionals.

Who will be your beneficiaries? If your beneficiaries are under 18 what age would you wish them to benefit?

Do you wish to leave any specific gifts such as jewellery, antiques or pictures?

Who you will appoint as guardians if you have children under 18?

Administrative provisions.

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What people say about us

I’m thoroughly impressed with Walsh Solicitors Will writing services. Their attention to detail and clear explanations made the process straightforward and stress-free. I feel confident that my wishes are well-documented and legally sound. I highly recommend Walsh Solicitors for anyone seeking reliable and professional will writing assistance.

John & Sandra