Regulatory Law Solicitors

Regulatory Law Solicitors

We have expert solicitors who regularly deal with regulating bodies. Call us on 0161 672 2267 or complete the form below.

Regulatory Law Specialists

Issues involving regulatory law can be very emotional and distressing, they usually involve proceedings being commenced by regulators of the very profession the individual or company should feel a part of. An adverse finding will usually have disastrous consequences for the individual or business involved, it may lead to a loss of employment or even potential criminal charges.

Our expert solicitors regularly deal with regulating bodies, they understand the complexities involved in building a strong case and protecting your position. We are averse to dealing with regulatory matters in a sensitive and tactful manner so as to preserve your professional standing and reputation following the outcome of proceedings.

At the same time, we take a client-based outcome approach to each matter, we listen to individual needs before forming an agreed plan to tackle the issue at hand.

Regulatory Law Defence

Our regulatory team will ensure you receive the support you or your business requires to build a strong case and fight any allegations. We achieve this by ensuring our team regularly take assessment and courses in investigatory work, advocacy, drafting and expert legal opinions in order for them to provide you with the best possible advice.

Recently, solicitors in our regulatory team have successfully acted for individuals before the General Medical Council and Solicitor’s Regulatory Authority.

Early intervention is crucial as it allows our team to divert the investigation down a path that will receive the best possible outcome for you. Contact our team as soon as you are aware your regulators are contemplating action on 0161 672 2267 or complete the form below.

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