Benefit Fraud

Benefit Fraud

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Benefit Fraud Solicitors

Benefit Fraud can occur in a number of ways. Many individuals who are accused of benefit fraud do not even know they are committing an offence.

Simple failure to notify the Department of Works and Pensions (DWP) of a change of circumstances could result in an overpayment and criminal proceedings. The venue for criminal proceedings largely depends on the amount of overpayment. Benefit Fraud matters can easily lead to overpayment of hundreds of thousands of pounds, making the risk of receiving a prison sentence a real possibility.

We have successfully acted for numerous individuals who have been accused of benefit fraud over many years. Our benefit fraud team have successfully defended claims in their entirety, resulting in no overpayment being due.

The importance of contacting us early cannot be emphasised enough. The earlier contact is made the more chance we have to divert a prosecution and reach your desired outcome. We aspire to resolve these matters before the need for any criminal proceedings commences.

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