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HMRC Solicitors

Failure to pay the correct tax as required by law is a criminal offence. It is essential that if you have been accused of such an offence or you are in the process of investigation that you contact us as soon as possible.

Investigations by HMRC usually focus on the following:

  • VAT, tax and evasion
  • Importation of contraband and/or other products/materials

We understand that these types of investigations place huge amounts of personal strain on you and your family due to financial penalties and possible prison sentences.

The Proceeds of Crime Act has extended the powers to the Court to confiscate your assets. We have a wealth of experience in protecting your assets. We have established close working relationships with forensic accountants to negotiate with HMRC in order to obtain a financial settlement as an alternative to prosecution.

A member of our team specialising in this area is formerly a Chartered Accountant who has now transferred to a solicitor. This unique insight into the area of accountancy as well as the legal elements gives us the edge in assisting you.

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