Conveyancing Pricing

Conveyancing Pricing

Stockport Office Sale Purchase
Up to £100,000.99
£825.00 plus VAT £850.00 plus VAT
£100,001.00 to £250,000.99
£850.00 plus VAT £875.00 plus VAT
£250,001.00 to £550,000.99
£925.00 plus VAT £950.00 plus VAT
£550.001.00 to £650,000.99
£1050.00 plus VAT £1095.00 plus VAT

£650,001.00 to £3,000,000

Price on Application

£1050.00 plus VAT plus Hourly rate

£200 per hour

Price on Application

£1050.00 plus VAT plus  Hourly rate

£200 per hour

We do not deal with matters above £3,000,000

The above figures are an average of the legal fees and expenses charged during the period covering all transactions completed. Our legal fees cover the work we undertake in the standard conveyancing transaction.

In addition, you can expect to pay the following:

  • IF HELP TO BUY (ISA OR LISA) ADD £50 + VAT (per account)
  • IF NEW BUILD ADD £250.00 + VAT
  • IF MORTGAGE INVOLVEMENT SALE £100.00 + VAT (per mortgage)
  • IF MORTGAGE INVOLVEMENT PURCHASE £175.00 + VAT (per mortgage)

VAT is currently 20%. So an example is if the fees are £500, the VAT amount will add £100 making the total £600.


Sales Purchases Column 4

Land Registry copies @ £3.00 + VAT
each x 2 minimum usually required


Searches in Stockport/Manchester
(Estimate – depends on lender requirements)

ID Check @ £14.95 + VAT £17.94 ID Check @ £14.95 + VAT £17.94
BACS payment x 1 @ £20.00 + VAT £24.00 Lawyer Checker £18.00 + VAT £21.60
TT payment fee @ £35.00 + VAT £42.00 OS1 Search per title @ £3.00 + VAT each £3.60

Lawyer Checker – bank account verification
£3.75 + VAT


Bankruptcy searches per name @ £2.00 + VAT


SDLT Submission Fee £10.00 + VAT £12.00
BACS payment x 1 @ £20.00 + VAT £24.00
LMS/Lender Exchange panel fee £25.00 + VAT £30.00
File Storage, Photocopying & Post £20.00 + VAT £24.00 File Storage, Photocopying, Post £20.00 + VAT £24.00
TT payment fee @ £35.00 + VAT £42.00

Notice fees to Landlord where leasehold – this depends
on the Lease requirements which would not be known
at this stage and can vary from £10.00 to
several hundred pounds.

Land Registration Fees
(Depends on the Land Registry Title
however most are submitted by EDRS)
Vol 1st Reg

0 – £80,000



£80,001 – £100,000 £40 £80 £60
£100,001 – £200,000 £95 £190 £140
£200,001 – £500,000 £135 £270 £400

£500,001 – £1,000,000




£1,000,001 and over

£455 £910 £680

SDLT Bands –

Contact Kim Derbyshire 0161 696 9786 or by email to

Some cases can be substantially more complex or have unexpected issues. In those instances or where there are changes to the information you have provided, additional fees may be payable. Details will be provided if and when they arise and we will agree any additional fees with you before carrying out any further work.

Examples are below:

  • Additional fees will be charged where you are buying or selling a property as a Limited Company.
  • Additional fees will be charged where there is more than one Gifted Deposit. Fees are charged per gift.
  • Additional fees will be charged where there is more than one Help to Buy ISA/LISA. Fees are charged per ISA/LISA.
  • Additional fees may be charged where more than one Land Registry Search fee is required.
  • Additional fees may be charged where you require more than one TT Bank Transfer.
  • Additional fees may be charged where you obtain more than one mortgage.
  • Additional fees may be charged where the property is purchased/sold off plan.
  • If your transaction involves bridging finance, additional fees apply.

Anti Money Laundering – In order to comply with Anti Money Laundering legislation, we are required to verify the identity of all clients. We use an online verification system, Thirdfort, and once we receive a completed instruction form from you, you will receive a text message with further instructions. If you are unable to access the portal to arrange your ID check please let us know and we will arrange an appointment at our offices.

For a Leasehold Purchase or freehold property on a newbuild/managed estate or where a rent is payable, the landlord is likely to charge a Lessor’s Registration Fee. This fee is NOT included within the quote as it is at the landlord/manager’s discretion and cannot be known without first contacting the landlord. These fees can vary from a little as £10.00 to as much as several hundred pounds. These fees are outside of our control.

For leasehold properties, additional fees of up to £250.00 will be chargeable dependant on the property type. Where you haven’t advised that the property involves a lease already, these fees have NOT been included at this stage, and will be discussed with you should they apply to you.

For leasehold sales or freehold property on a newbuild/managed estate, usually flats but sometimes houses, you are required to provide a leasehold pack to the buyer. You should contact your management company/rent collector to ascertain the cost of this, as any fees are in addition to the fees quoted, and outside of our control.

In some cases, indemnity insurance may be required to cover a whole range of issues such as a lack of planning consent, etc. If indemnity insurance is required, a quote will be provided for this at the relevant stage. We charge a legal fee for arranging each indemnity policy at a cost of £25.00 plus VAT per policy.

We will ask for an initial payment on account of initial costs, Land Registry disbursements and searches – £100.00 for a sale/remortgage/transfer of equity and £300.00 for a purchase. We will request this money from you in due course.

These sums will be deducted from any final sum due to/from you on your completion statement.

In some circumstances, we may not be able to act for you, for instance, where we have already been instructed by a connected party or where we are conflicted. Further checks will be undertaken should you wish to instruct us and we shall advise you as soon as this becomes apparent. We can usually recommend another solicitor who may be able to act.

There may be an instance where we are unable to act for your mortgage lender whilst our application to their lending panel is pending. If this is the case we will arrange to outsource the mortgage work to a firm we work well with, however we will personally project manage this. There will be no additional cost to you for this, the fee will come out of the quotation provided. Please check with us before advising your lender of your solicitors details and we shall advise who will be acting for your lender.

Please see for further information on Stamp Duty Land Tax or Welsh Revenue Authority Land Tax.

Our Governing Body recognise the delays in residential property at present and are advising law firms to advise all clients and potential clients to be aware of the delays in residential property transactions at this time.

The usual timescale for completion is 8-10 weeks.  Whilst this firm can do everything it can to ensure any deadline is met, we unfortunately cannot be held responsible for delays caused by third parties.

The Team

Mr Terence Walsh is Managing Director is COLP and COFA for the firm. Mr Walsh has over 10 year PQE and has acted as Managing Director since 2015. Mr Walsh is CQS Senior Responsible Officer.

Kim Derbyshire is Qualified Conveyancer regulated by CLC. Kim has over 10 years experience. She has acted on both sales and purchases and deals with new build properties.

Thea Whimpenny is a solicitor who qualified in 2023. She has worked in conveyancing for over ten years. She has acted on both sales and purchases and deals with new build properties.

Becky Tang is currently doing her Solicitors Qualification Examination. She has worked in conveyancing for over ten years. She has acted on both sales and purchases and deals with new build properties.

The fee earners are supported by various office administrators. However, your case will be dealt with by one of the above and supervised by Kim Derbyshire and Terence Walsh

Our accreditations

Solicitors Regulation Authority
Conveyancing Quality
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